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    The term "homework" refers to an assignment to be prepared during a period of supervised study in class or outside of class.

    Homework should be designed to serve specific purposes such as to enhance the learning process, to prepare for tests or quizzes, to supplement lessons, to aid in the mastery of skills, or to create and stimulate interest on the part of the student.

    Homework assignments should be consistent in terms of the amount given each day and the time required for each assignment so that a pattern of meaningful homework can be established by the teacher and/or the student.

    Information and rubrics for any homework assignment should be clear and specific, and easily accessible to students and parents, along with deadlines for completion.

    Homework assignments should take into consideration individual differences of students. Homework should not require the use of reference materials or technologies not readily available in most homes, school libraries, or the public library, and should require the use of those materials only when the student has had instruction in the use of them.

    The School Committee recognizes that there are many other learning activities in the life of a student besides homework. After school activities, pursuing cultural interests, family time, and exploring personal interests should be considered by teachers when planning assignments. Homework is not to be used as a form of punishment under any circumstances.

    Revised:October 30, 2013