• 5th Grade Garageband Project


    The 5th graders participated in the second annual Garageband expansion project! They had to take the knowledge they learned last year & move it a few steps further to create an even better melody, a more substantial song, and the addition of "Smart Instruments".

    The first steps of the project were the same - create a melody using Orff instruments. They were familiar with how to do this, so the process was pretty smooth & went quickly! After they wrote their melody on staff paper, they were ready to tackle a new version of Garageband on iPads.

    We discovered that updates to apps take time to learn! This took quite a bit of teacher demonstration & moving forward in small chunks. After the melody was recorded & the introduction was formatted, they got to play with something brand new - Smart Instruments. Garageband offers Smart Bass, Guitar, Piano, Strings, & Drums. These allow the students to actively record instruments (Smart Strings is pictured below) alongside their melody while following the harmonic structure of their compositions. This required discussions on how their pieces were in the key of C major, and that they should use the C, F, & G chords to accompany their melodies. They had to go through their pieces, measure by measure, to determine which chord was the correct one for the notes in each measure.

    They really enjoyed using these new features & their finished pieces came out much more musically sound because of it! Some students were able to really use the pre-recorded apple loops logically to fill out their songs while having the Smart instruments be the main stars to coordinate with their melodies.

    I am so very proud of how much effort the kids put into their pieces & here are some very happy students who are rather impressed with themselves as well!


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