• File: IJNDB-E-2 - Responsible Use Agreement for Grades 3-5

                          File: IJNDB-E-2

    Sharon Public Schools

    Responsible Use Agreement for Grades 3-5

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    Parent/Guardian: Please read to or with your student.

    Using computers, tablets or other electronic devices at school may be enjoyable but the main purpose of using them in school is to help you learn. We hope that school technology helps you become a better writer, reader, mathematician, and communicator. It is important to remember that computers and mobile devices come with risks. They can break or be used inappropriately or, through connections on the network, lead to places you shouldn’t go. Because of those risks, if you are going to use computers or other electronic devices, you need to agree to follow these rules. By signing your name below, you are agreeing to follow these rules.

    • Protect      and Respect School Property. I will be respectful of school      technology in my classroom and around the building. It is my responsibility to use school      computers, tablets and other devices carefully and keep them safe. I will use technology in school for      learning, understanding concepts in my classes, and sharing ideas with      others. I won’t try to change or      damage devices or software, or interfere with the network in any way.
    • Protect and Respect      Myself. I will only log in to a computer as      myself. I will keep my personal      information to myself (including passwords). For example, I won’t put my name or      phone number or address on any website or game unless my teacher or my      parent/guardian tells me it is safe to do so. I will only talk with or write to other      people online if my teacher or parent/guardian tells me it’s safe. I will not download anything or go to      sites that are inappropriate or not allowed in school. If something comes up on my screen that      feels wrong or inappropriate, I will tell a teacher right away. I will not bring in or use my own      tablet, computer or phone without express permission from the principal.
    • Respect Others. I will not use computers or tablets to say unkind things about others, or to bully or tease other people. I will let an adult know if I see others doing something on computers or tablets that they aren’t supposed to. I will use electronic devices for learning, not for distractions at all. I won’t take a picture or make a recording of anyone unless a teacher tells me it is OK.
    • Respect Others’      Ideas. I will make sure not to copy other      people’s work (including photos) from web sites and call it my own. If I use other people’s work (photos,      videos, words), I will check with them or a teacher to make sure it is OK,      and then give that person or web site credit.

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    PARENT OR GUARDIAN: As the parent or guardian of this student I have read the Terms and Conditions for use of SPS technology resources (larger, more complex document attached). I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes. I understand that the SPS network is in compliance with Child Internet Protection Act, and that filtering and blocking of inappropriate content is part of school access to the Internet. I also recognize that it is impossible for SPS to restrict access to all controversial materials and I will not hold SPS responsible for materials acquired on the network. I accept full responsibility for supervision if and when my child's use is not in a school setting. I hereby give permission to allow access for my child. I further agree to be fully responsible for this agreement signed by my child above. Access may be restricted or removed for any violations of this R.U.A. or the general SPS A.U.P. Parents/guardians may request withdrawal of access at any time by notifying, in writing, the building principal or superintendent of schools.


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    Revised:August 28, 2013