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    Materials appropriate to the needs of the school program must be made available to each student and teacher. In no case shall a parent/guardian be required to purchase required supplies and materials.

    Instructional programs and materials should meet at minimum the following criteria:

    • Be flexible enough and include different levels of difficulty to meet the learning needs of individual students
    • Present different points of view
    • Be relevant to the curriculum
    • Be accurate, valid, up-to-date, and appropriate
    • Have a high degree of readability relative to grade level and content

    Complaints About Instructional Material

    When a complaint concerning instructional resources is made, the disposition of the complaint will be made by the building administrator in a reasonable period of time. The person making the complaint may appeal the principal’s decision with the Superintendent who will make a decision whether or not to remove the material in question. This decision may be appealed to the School Committee.

    In accordance with the statement of philosophy, no questioned materials shall be removed from the school pending a final decision. Pending the outcome of the request for reconsideration, however, access to questioned materials can be denied to the students of the parents making the complaint, if they so desire.

    If the decision of the School Committee is that the questioned instructional resource be retained, the District will not convene a Review Committee relative to the same complaint for a period of three years. If a substantially different point of view is advanced, it will be investigated in a timely manner as stated above.

    If an individual or a group undertakes action to keep material from the shelves by checking it out and failing to return it, or by taking turns in keeping it checked out so that it is not available for student use, the building administrator shall request, in writing, the return of the material. If it is not returned within thirty (30) days, a bill for the current replacement cost of the item shall be rendered to the party holding the item.

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    Revised:November 20, 2013