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    Upon receipt of a physician's written order (Form 28R/3) verifying that any student enrolled in a public school or placed by the public school in a private setting must remain at home or in a hospital on a day or overnight basis, or any combination of both, for medical reasons and for a period of not less than fourteen school days in any school year, the principal shall arrange for provision of educational services in the home or hospital. Students with chronic illnesses who have recurring home/hospital stays of less than 14 consecutive school days, when such recurrences have added up to or are expected to add up to more than 14 school days in a school year, are also eligible for home or hospital educational services if they are requested and the medical need is documented by the physician.

    The physician's signed form must verify that the student “must remain at home (or in a hospital)” for “medical reasons” and must include information regarding:

    • the date the student was admitted to a hospital or was confined to home;
    • the medical reason(s) for the confinement;
    • the expected duration of the confinement; and
    • which medical needs of the student should be considered in planning the home or hospital education services.

    This statement must be provided to the building principal by the parent or doctor prior to initiating services. The Accounting Office must have paperwork indicating approval of services in order for payments to be issued.

    Any instruction is designed to provide maintenance in the basic academic courses so that when a student returns to school he/she will not be at a disadvantage because of absence from school. Instruction that is provided in the home or hospital for public school students under 603 CMR 28.03(3)(c) must include the same academic content as that provided in the student's regular school-based program. School districts may provide home/hospital services in a number of ways, including:

    • providing the services directly to the student using district employees;
    • contracting with the hospital to provide the needed services;
    • contracting with another school district to provide the services; or
    • contracting with another agency to provide the services.

    Once administration receives appropriate and necessary documentation for the need for home hospital education, posting of the position will take place within three school days. Teachers who provide home/hospital instruction to public school students must first be appointed via the district’s job posting, interview, and appointment process, and must coordinate the instructional content, approach and student progress with the student's teachers at school. Certified teachers are assigned in a timely manner to tutor in the home or hospital by the building principal with the approval of the Director of Student Services and the Superintendent.

    Home/Hospital instruction is offered in basic academic subjects including secondary subjects but will not provide special equipment such as that required in laboratories. Home/Hospital instruction in all cases is subject to the availability of qualified teachers.

    Such services shall be provided with sufficient frequency to allow the student to continue his or her educational program, as long as such services do not interfere with the medical needs of the student. In general, this has been 10 hours weekly but could be more or less depending upon individual need as determined by the building principal who shall coordinate such services with the Director of Student Services.

    Such educational services shall not be considered special education unless the student has been determined eligible for such services, and the services include services on the student's IEP.

    Legal Ref.:            603 CMR 28.03(3)(c), Special Education Regulations: Educational Services in Home or Hospital

    Cross Ref.:            JIE, Students Who Are Married, Pregnant, and/or New Parents

    Revised:                November 20, 2013