Cottage Traffic Pattern
  • Traffic Do's and Don'ts(Translateable Version)

    Dear Cottage Families,

                The start of another school year is upon us as students, parents and staff are settling into their routines.  There is one important routine that I will regularly remind parents about throughout the year: Student Drop Off and Pick Up.    The main reason for these reminders and staff talking to families outside is that we want to provide the safest and most efficient way for students to come into and leave the school.  Parents have two options:  They can use the live drop off and pick up in the front loop or park in the church lot or on Woodland Street and walk up to pick up their child. 

                There is a map included with this letter; which shows how to go about dropping off or picking up your child.  Please share this with any family members or friends that may pick up your child and are not familiar with the process.  Here are a few points to keep in mind during these times.

      • The staff parking lot is for staff only and not for parking while you drop off or pick up your child.
      • Do not take a left turn into the front area during drop off or pick up. Cars need to turn around in the church parking lot. 
      • Cars should pull up as far as they can in the front loop. Do not stop at the front door.
      • Cars need to take a left turn out of the front loop and turn down Woodland Street. This will keep cars away from the crosswalk and reduce the traffic by the church parking lot. 
      • You can park in the lot between O’Connell Hall and the church but not in the first few rows in the main lot. This is reserved for people visiting the church. 
      • There are three enter/exit points in the parking lot. Cars need to use the entrance that is farthest away from the school down Cottage Street and exit through the one closest to the school.  The map shows these options. 
      • There is no parking on Cottage Street. Cars can park in the church parking lot or on Woodland Street.  Never let a child out on Cottage Street to help save a few minutes of waiting in the line.  Students should also not be dropped off in the parking lot or walk down to meet their car in the afternoon. It is a busy lot that we do not want students walking in by themselves. 
      • Do not use your cell phone while picking up your child. There are a lot of cars and people out at this time and your full attention is needed.
      • In the afternoon, adults parking on Woodland Street or at the church need to walk to the front of the building to get your child. The school would not be aware that a child is left without a ride if they walk to you and for some reason you are running late or cannot get to school. 
      • All students will gather at the front of the building for dismissal. Students cannot wait over by the flagpole for their ride.  We want to be able to more appropriately supervise students as they are waiting for a ride home.     
      • Count to 10! I have seen and heard of some rather heated exchanges during the drop off and pick up times.  Let’s remember there are many children present and we are all out there for the same reason and that is to get kids in and out of school safely. 

    Most importantly, be patient with each other.  We are all out there for the same reason- to safely link up children with their families.  Please contact me if you have any comments or questions about the drop off or pick up times.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Madden

    Caitrin O'Rourke