File: IHAM


    The School Committee is committed to a sound, comprehensive health education program as an integral part of the general education of each student.

    The health education program will employ a dynamic and contemporary approach to teaching the skills and knowledge necessary for students to understand and appreciate the functioning and proper care of the human body. In a developmentally appropriate manner, students will also be educated about living in a complex society. This shall also include education about the social, physical and mental health problems they might encounter, how to avoid them and how to seek outside help when needed.

    The health education program will be one point of education about making good choices concerning issues affecting health, well-being and academic performance, and the consequences of making poor choices.

    Legal Ref.:M.G.L. 71:1 Public Schools: Maintenance; Double Sessions; Subjects; Twelve-Month School Year

    Cross Ref.:ADF, Sharon Schools’ Wellness Policy on Physical Activity and Nutrition

    Revised:June 11, 2014