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    The School Committee is responsible for negotiations with recognized employee bargaining units. However, because of the expertise and time required for negotiations, the Committee may hire a negotiator to bargain in good faith with recognized bargaining unit. All negotiations between the School Committee and recognized employee groups are conducted subject to Chapter 150E of the Massachusetts General Laws.

    It is the legal responsibility of both the School Committee and employee organizations to bargain in good faith as they conduct negotiations. However, such obligation does not compel either party to agree to a proposal or make a concession.

    When final agreement is reached in negotiations, the terms of the new agreement shall be announced and voted upon by the School Committee and Chair of the Board Of Selectmen or designee at a regularly scheduled School Committee meeting. The terms and conditions of the main professional agreement shall become a part of the School Committee policies.

    Legal Ref.:M.G.L. 150E, Labor Relations: Public Employees

    Revised:November 20, 2013