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    The School Committee will encourage the administration to develop effective means of resolving differences that may arise among employees and between employees and administrators; reduce potential areas of grievances; and establish and maintain recognized channels of communication between the staff, administration, and School Committee.

    It is the Committee's desire that complaint procedures provide for prompt and equitable resolution of differences at the lowest possible administrative level, and that each employee be assured of an opportunity for an orderly presentation and review of complaints and concerns.

    Teachers and other school employees may appeal a ruling of a Principal or other administrator to the Superintendent. All school employees may appeal a ruling of the Superintendent to the School Committee, except in those areas where the law has specifically assigned authority to the Principal and/or the Superintendent and Committee action would be in conflict with that law.

    At the discretion of the Superintendent or School Committee (as appropriate), any person about whom a complaint or ruling has been made, or whose ruling is being questioned, may be informed of the complaint and may be present at any related meeting(s).

    The process established for the resolution of grievances in contracts negotiated with recognized employee bargaining units will apply only to "grievances" as defined in the particular contract.

    Contract Ref.:Collective Bargaining Agreement

    Legal Refs.:M.G.L. 150E:5 Labor Relations, Public Employees: Exclusive Representative; Powers and Duties; Grievances

    M.G.L. 150E:5 Labor Relations, Public Employees: Grievance Procedures; Arbitration

    Revised:December 18, 2013