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    The school system shall operate a lunch program in each school that complies with the provisions of the school policy on physical activity and nutrition (ADF) and the Wellness Plan referred to therein. The School Committee shall approve the prices set for school lunches.

    As required for participation in the National School Lunch Program, the Sharon Public Schools will provide to students “Type A” hot lunches and free and reduced-price lunches and/or milk as needed. No child whom a teacher believes is improperly nourished will be denied a free lunch or other food simply because proper application has not been received from his/her parents or guardians.

    Legal Refs.:42 USC 1751 et seq, National School Lunch Act

    42 USC 1780, Child Nutrition Act of 1966

    Cross Refs.:Sharon Schools Wellness Plan for Physical Activity and Nutrition

    ADF, Physical Activity and Nutrition

    Revised:June 6, 2012