File: EEAA–E


    1. Who is Eligible to Ride at Town Expense?

    All students, grades K-6 who live two (2) miles or more from the school they attend are eligible to ride at no charge. If a PAY TO RIDE route exists near their home, all students on free and reduced lunch are eligible to ride at no charge.

    1. Who is Eligible for the Pay Bus System?

    ALL STUDENTS in GRADES 7-12 are eligible to pay to ride the bus. THOSE IN K-6 WHO LIVE WITHIN TWO MILES OF THEIR ASSIGNED SCHOOL and who want transportation may pay to ride on the Sharon Schools transportation system. The cost of that transportation is based on actual seat costs as listed. If pay-to-ride buses are canceled due to insufficient enrollment by signup deadlines, fees will be returned.

    1. How Do I know if My Home is LESS THAN Two Miles from the School My CHILD ATTENDS?

    There is a list of street addresses posted at the Schools, Town Hall, Police Station, Fire Station, Library, and the School Administration Building. Parents /Guardians must go to one of these places for this information.

    1. How is the TWO-MILE Determination Made?

    In accordance with state law, the distance is measured using the distance portal to portal over a commonly traveled [walking] route. Measure from the sidewalk or public way in front of or nearest to the pupil’s home, to the public way in front of the school the pupil is attending.

    1. What Do I Do If I Disagree With The School Department’s Mileage Measurement?

    You may contact the Supervisor of Transportation, 784-1570 X 9011 or by calling 781-784-1545 directly.

    1. Where Will My Child Be Picked Up?

    The bus routes will be similar to the current ones. Children will have to walk to a common stop. While the law requires the school district to furnish transportation for some students, it does not relieve parents from the responsibility of supervision until such time as the child boards the bus in the morning and after the child leaves the bus at the end of the school day.

    Once a child boards the bus and only at that time, does he or she become the responsibility of the school district. Such responsibility shall end when the child is delivered to the regular bus stop at the close of the school day. An adult must meet kindergarten students who do not have a sibling on the bus.

    1. Can I Have My CHILD Picked Up or Dropped Off at Other Than Their Home Bus Stop?

    You may designate a regular bus stop other than the one closest to your home if:

    1. The stop is on a route scheduled for your child's school;
    2. Space is available on the bus;
    3. Only one alternate stop per child is allowed.
    1. Can My Child, On Occasion, Ride Home With a Friend Who Takes Another Bus?

    Permission can only be granted if seating is available. Starting the first week in October and ending the last Thursday in May, students will be permitted to ride on other than their regularly assigned bus, a maximum of three (3) times per month. Permission to ride will only be granted from Monday through Thursday, after written parental request and approval of the Principal. Bus changes are not allowed on early release days or when buses are filled to capacity.

    The forms to request this permission are available at each school and a copy is attached to this packet. Twenty-four (24) hour notice is required.

    Students who do not have bus tags (i.e. they are not free or paid riders) may use this option to ride the bus based on space available, but must pay a $5 per trip fee that is collected by the building office and sent to the Transportation office of the Sharon Public Schools. This privilege may be used a maximum of three (3) times per month.

    1. What If I Only Need The Bus One Way or Only 2 or 3 Days Per week?

    The cost for all students is the same. The amount of time you use the bus does not matter because bus costs cannot be prorated according to a varied daily usage.

    1. Is There Any Provision For A Fee Waiver?

    The criteria for a Transportation Fee Waiver are the same as for the Free and Reduced Price School Lunch. Families who believe they are eligible should contact the Information Services Dept., (784-1570 X9010) for a Free or Reduced lunch application. Eligibility guidelines and the application are also available on the Dept of Education website at http://www.doe.mass.edu/ cnp/programs/nslp.html.

    1. How Should I Write My Check?

    Checks should be made payable to: Sharon Public Schools.

    1. Where Do I Send My Check and Forms?

    Responses should be made to: The Supervisor of Transportation

    Sharon Public Schools

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067