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    During the school day, if an accident or sudden illness occurs, school personnel will administer first aid and, if warranted, call the Emergency Medical Services (911).

    First aid is defined as the immediate and temporary care given in case of an accident or sudden,emergentillness, which enables the child to be taken safely home or to a physician. This does not include diagnosis or treatment of the child, which is entirely the responsibility of the parent or guardian. If a child is deemed to need more than first aid attention, the parent or guardian is to be called as soon as possible.

    Procedures will be developed for the proper handling of an injury to, or sudden illness of, a child or staff member. These will be made known to the staff and will incorporate the following requirements:

    1. The school nurse,athletic trainer, or othertrained person will be responsible for administering first aid.
    1. During school hours, the school nurse may administer first aid for minor injuries and illnesses. The student may receive appropriate care and treatment in the health office then return back to class or be sent home as needed. The school nurse will notify the parent/guardian if appropriate. If the nurse sees a child who claims to have hit his/her head, the nurse will ensure that the parent/guardian is notified.
    1. Students with minor illnesses or injuries may be dismissed from school to parent/guardians, emergency contacts, or designated responsible adults.A student who is ill or injured will not be sent home alone.
    1. When an illness or injury is an immediate threat to life/limb, 911will be called immediately. For an urgent illness or injury, an acute condition that requires further medical treatment with in a 3-6 hour period, every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian or emergency contacts. If unable to reach a parent/guardian within a reasonable time period, the school nurse or the building principal may call for an ambulance.
    1. The staff member responsible for administering first aid will make an accident report for significant injuries or sudden illnesses. Any event that requires advanced medical care requires an accident report to be completed. Accident reports may not be necessary for minor, non-urgent injuries or illnesses.
    1. All accidents to students and staffthat are significantwill be reported on the same day that the accident occurs tothe building principal and parent/guardian. The building principal will be responsible for notifying the Superintendent.
    1. After school hours, at school sponsored events, programs, or clubs, all injuries or illnesses will be managed by first aid trained staff who will administer first aid and contact parent/guardians or emergency contacts as needed or 911. The individual administering first aid will complete the accident report and notify a school administrator.

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    Cross Ref:JJIF, Concussion Policy

    Revised:June 18, 2014