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    The School Committee will manage matters of policy in order to maximize the safety and welfare of all students, employees and visitors while in or on school property or at school-sponsored events.

    The Committee will comply with safety requirements established by law and will insist that employees adhere to those safety practices in all aspects of their work in the schools.

    The instructional program of the schools will include instruction on safety, including accident prevention, fire prevention, emergency procedures, traffic safety, bicycle and pedestrian safety and safety procedures relevant to any specific classroom activity.

    The Superintendent will have overall responsibility for implementation of the safety programs of the school system. It will be the responsibility of the Superintendent to see that staff members are kept informed about current state and local requirements relating to any safety-related issues or procedures.

    The Superintendent will develop and maintain plans that meet the requirements of state law for preparedness in case of fire, civil emergencies, and natural disasters and malicious persons.

    Building principals will meet all requirements for conducting practice drills to give students and employees practice in moving with orderly dispatch to designated areas in emergency conditions, or in evacuation of a building.

    The school district will maintain a “Safety and Crisis Intervention Procedures Manual.”

    Legal Ref.:M.G.L. 69:8A, Model Emergency Response Plans: Model Plan

    Cross Refs.:EBCD, Emergency Closings

    EEAE, School Bus Safety Program

    GBGB, Staff Personal Security and Safety

    IHAM, Health Education

    JL, Student Welfare

    Revised:June 6, 2012