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    Any board or department of the Town may sell, trade in, give away or otherwise dispose of any personal property of the town that is within its possession or control and which has become obsolete or is not required for its further use, and it determines that no other town board or department could make use of the property. If another board or department could make use of the property, it shall be transferred, without cost, to the department. Before property valued at $300 or more is transferred, sold, traded in, given away or otherwise disposed of, the transaction shall be approved by the School Committee, in the case of schools and departments under its control, or the Board of Selectmen, in the case of all other boards and departments. A public notice of the availability shall be posted at least 14 days prior to the disposition of all property valued at $300 or more, except that which is transferred to another town department.

    Pursuant to the provisions of M.G.L. 30B:15, the School Committee hereby authorizes the Superintendent to sell, trade in, give away, or otherwise dispose of any supply of tangible personal property of the School Department no longer useful to the School Department.

    Such sale, trade in, or other disposition shall be made as reasonably determined by the Superintendent subject, however, to the requirements of Article 31 of the General By-Laws of the Town of Sharon pertaining to disposition of surplus property.

    Legal Refs.:M.G.L. 30B:15, Disposal of a Tangible Supply

    Town By-Law Article 31

    Revised:April 11, 2012