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    From time to time, it will be necessary for School District employees to meet with or speak to vendors or their representatives. No such interaction should take place in such a way that it disrupts or impedes the education of any student. School district personnel charged with a purchasing function should inform vendors and their representatives of this policy and help to enforce it.

    School principals may give permission to sales representatives of educational products to see members of the school staff at times that will not interfere with the educational program. The school system shall allow demonstrations by sales representatives for administrators and principals to see new products.

    School Department personnel should decline any gifts by vendors or their representatives.

    School Department personnel are prohibited from soliciting funds or other perquisites from vendors or their representatives.

    Legal Refs.:M.G.L. 268A, Conduct of Public Officials and Employees

    M.G.L. 268B, Financial Disclosure

    930 CMR, State Ethics Commission Regulations

    Revised:April 11, 2012