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    All purchasing by the School Department must be undertaken with the primary goal of seeking maximum educational benefit from money spent.

    Purchasing of materials, equipment and services will be centralized in the Office of the Superintendent. The Superintendent will serve as purchasing agent, acting in accordance with state law and good business practices. S/he will develop and administer a purchasing program for the School District in keeping with legal requirements, and within the effective school budget.

    All purchases of materials, supplies, services and real property, not including building construction-related equipment, supplies and services, shall be made under the provisions of M.G.L. 30B, the Uniform Procurement Act.

    All purchases of building construction-related equipment, supplies and services shall be made under the provisions of M.G.L. 149:44A.

    All purchases, whether from the result of a competitive bid or otherwise, shall be made in consideration of the cost, quality and durability of the articles supplied, their suitability for education purposes, their conformity with any required specifications, and delivery terms. Whenever possible, guarantees of service and/or equipment should be obtained.

    Whenever practical, the purchase of equipment and supplies should be standardized across the district. Supplies and equipment should be purchased in such a way as to reasonably maximize any available economies of scale, and to take advantage of favorable market situations.

    Legal Refs.:M.G.L. 7:22A – 22B, Collective Purchasing

    M.G.L. 30B, Uniform Procurement Act

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    603 CMR 10.00 School Finance and Accountability

    Sharon Bylaws Article 3, Section 6

    Revised:April 11, 2011