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    Pathways at Sharon High School

    Program Description

    The Pathways Program at Sharon High School began in the summer of 2014 as an outgrowth of the former CHARMS Collaborative classroom.  This program services students with a range of special needs and focuses primarily on functional academics and pre-vocational and vocational education.  The program occupies two newly renovated classrooms and has  state of the art cooking and laundry facilities, technology and a full range of services.  Students are involved work opportunities within the high school and at several community organizations.

    Program Goals

    • Provide a well designed functional academic program for students with different learning needs.
    • Provide pre-vocational and vocational training for all students as appropriate.
    • Provide access to all Sharon High School classes and programs appropriate for individual students.
    • Develop self-advocacy skills.
    • Develop positive social interaction skills.


    • 1 Certified special education teacher for functional academics.
    • 1 Certified special education teacher with vocational education background.
    • 1 Part-time speech and language pathologist.
    • Instructional Assistants.
    • Access to all itinerant personnel (guidance, adjustment counselor, school psychologists and doctoral level BCBA as needed).

    Examples of Vocational Opportunities

    • Hockomock YMCA
    • Sharon Public Library
    • Pizzagondo
    • Moose Hill
    • Forever Home Animal Rescue
    • Medfield Animal Shelter
    • Sharon Public TV
    • Sharon Cinemas


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