File: DBJ


    The School Committee recognizes the need of the Superintendent to make certain day-to-day budget adjustments. Such adjustments are necessary to manage purchases and payments that are part of an accounting system that requires all purchases and expenditures to be precisely declared.

    The School Committee authorizes the Superintendent to make transfers within each of the categories listed below. The Superintendent will provide budget reports to the School Committee that itemize all such transfers made during a fiscal quarter at the end of each quarterly budget reporting period.

    Chart of Accounts Major Budget Types

    Salary Accounts: Special education (SPED) or Regular education (REGULAR)

    Transportation Accounts: SPED or REGULAR

    Supply Accounts: SPED or REGULAR

    Professional Development: SPED or REGULAR

    SPED Tuition and Contracted Services Accounts

    Utility Accounts

    Maintenance and Operations Non-Salary accounts

    For transfers between the types of accounts listed above, the School Committee will consider requests for transfers of funds as the Superintendent recommends them. The School Committee must approve such transfers before they can be made.

    Revised:April 11, 2012