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    The School Committee must make fiscal decisions that are transparent to its stakeholders, responsible to citizens, and that will ensure sustainability of a high-quality school system well into the future. Toward these ends, the School Committee shall:


    1. Establish levels of funding that provide the resources necessary to meet the learning needs of children in the district; 

    2. Strive to ensure that students have equitable access to resources in the core program at each school. Nothing shall prevent pilot or innovative programs at one school.
    3. Engage in strategic planning that involves a broad base of stakeholder input about the future needs of the schools;
    4. Maintain a five-year Capital Outlay plan;

    5. Employ sound business practices in design and implementation of the annual budget; 

    6. Establish efficient procedures for accounting, reporting, purchasing and receiving, payroll, payment of vendors and contractors, and all other areas of fiscal management; (receive the audit of these procedures)
    7. Notify the Town Administrator as early as practicable of the preliminary budget for each fiscal year, and to notify him/her of the meeting date when the preliminary budget will be reviewed by the School Committee.

    8. Report to citizens at least once per year about the fiscal status of the School Department;
    9. Work cooperatively with other Town bodies to inform and discuss budgetary priorities; 

    10. Strive to ensure district services are delivered in a cost-effective manner and consistent with the District’s educational objectives. 


    Revised: June 8, 2016