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    Hiring a Superintendent is one of the primary statutory duties of the School Committee. The Committee alone has the responsibility for the appointment of a Superintendent and negotiation of his/her terms of employment.

    When a vacancy of the Superintendency occurs, the School Committee shall convene as soon as possible to begin planning to hire a new Superintendent and to ensure the smoothest possible transition of professional leadership.

    Because the process of hiring a Superintendent is likely to take place under different circumstances or conditions each time it is necessary, the School Committee has some latitude in establishing a process for each hiring. In any case, the following guidelines should be followed:

    • The Committee should advertise the open position broadly in order to attract a pool of qualified applicants. However, should there be a highly qualified member of the School Department staff who becomes the top choice of the Committee before a pool of candidates is considered, the position need not be advertised. In no case should a candidate be hired as Superintendent without sufficient public involvement, as outlined below.
    • The Committee should consider only candidates who meet both state qualifications and local expectations for superintendency, and who exhibit the ability to successfully fulfill the duties of the Superintendent.
    • Applicants should be screened and interviewed by the Committee or a subcommittee thereof.
    • Interviewed applicants should be afforded the opportunity to visit the schools of the District while they are in session.
    • Whenever possible, representatives of the community should be afforded the opportunity to participate in formation of the screening protocol, applicant screening and interviewing, and public interview(s) of any finalist(s).
    • The School Committee, at its discretion, may use the services of any other consultant for recruiting or interviewing candidates.

    Revised:June 22, 2011