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    Powerschool Parent/Student Portal Tips

    District code for mobile devices:  DGJB

    Purpose of Portal:  Powerschool is the district’s Student Information System which houses all of the demographic and much of the academic data on all of our students.  The Parent/Student Portal is intended to provide students and their parents/guardians with current information on student progress, as well as to allow parents/guardians to update demographic information.  Note that elementary students do not receive grades.

    Rules:  There is a set of rules that users must follow in order to continue using the portal.  The two most important items for parents/students are:  Overuse is not allowed and, concerns or questions about grades should be addressed to the teacher patiently and calmly.  For a full list, see this site: http://goo.gl/QGO447

    Basics:  The portal can be accessed in a few ways.  From a computer, go to ps.sharon.k12.ma.us  or click on the Portal link from one of our web sites.  On a mobile device, download the Powerschool app for either students or parents (they are two different apps). 

    Account info:  The SPS Tech Department sends out parent/guardian and student access codes at the beginning of each year.  Subsequently, information is available from school offices, the guidance department or by emailing psquestions@sharon.k12.ma.us  Parents/guardians use the emailed codes to set up an account with a unique username and password.  Students, on the other hand, use the actual codes sent home as their userid and password.    Elementary students are not given an account.


    • Teachers don’t necessarily post grades right away.  Please be patient as teachers get their grades organized and into the portal.
    • When you see a letter grade either in the Quarter column or in the list of assignments/quizzes, DO NOT PANIC.  Quarter (term) grades fluctuate quite a bit over the term because they are calculated on whatever information is available.  Similarly, homework grades like 2/4 or 3/5 get listed as a letter grade but, the overall term grade is a calculation of many items and homework scores are weighted far less than actual grades on tests, quizzes and projects.
    • At one point Powerschool sent email updates for grades, etc, but those interfered with district agreements, so we don’t have those any more.

    Page Basics:

    Click on the buttons on the LEFT column to see the various information pages.

    Grades and Attendance:  Here is where you can see your student’s current grades.  If the term is over, the grade you see is permanent.  If we are in the middle of a term, that grade is temporary and may likely change.  Click on the BLUE grade to see what assignments, tests, homework makes up that grade.

    When you click on the BLUE grade, you see the page below.  The biggest thing people notice is that homework grades, often out of 4 or 5 points, appear as a D or C.  DON’T WORRY.  All of those scores are weighted which means the homework score is counted much less than a test or long-term project.  Homework letter grades are not accurate and don’t count as a letter grade.

    Teacher Comments:  Teachers put in comments about student progress at least once each term.  You can see them by clicking on the button on the left.  Once on the page, change the Reporting Term drop-down to the desired term.

    Grades History:  This page shows you students’ permanent grades also known as stored grades.  Grades only go back five years and are only for SMS and/or SHS.

    Demographics Change:  You can update your personal information here.  Once you hit SUBMIT at the bottom, a notification will appear on your child’s page, alerting office staff to verify the change and then make it permanent.


    Mobile apps will show you similar information to the web pages but they don’t allow things like password changes or demographic updates. 

    Note:  We don’t use Balances (We use mypaymentsplus.com for those), or Announcements (we use SchoolMessenger for those), or Assignments (we use Edline for those).

    District code for mobile devices:  DGJB