File: BEDHA


    The School Committee recognizes the importance of providing a forum for community input.

    The Committee shall set aside thirty minutes prior to the first scheduled meeting each month as an Open Forum period to receive community input regarding the operations of the Sharon Public Schools. At the discretion of the Chair, a session may be canceled to allow for the scheduling of Executive Sessions or other pending issues when scheduling difficulties arise. Meetings designated specifically as “Public Forums” will be a substitute for such a session.

    Where practical, community participation in the discussion of specific agenda items will be accommodated during any regular School Committee meeting. The Chair may set specific time constraints on such comment when necessary.

    If an item cannot be adequately addressed during a public-comment session of any kind, and it is felt by the School Committee that further discussion is warranted, consideration will be given to having the item placed on the agenda of a future meeting or, at the discretion of the Committee, may be referred to a subcommittee for further consideration.

    Some items are not appropriate for discussion in open meetings. These include, but are not limited to those that violate collective bargaining agreements and/or individual rights of employees of the Sharon Public Schools.

    Open forums are not intended to take the place of procedures already in place for specific building- or child-related issues that should first be voiced to a building administrator and/or subsequently heard by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

    Revised:September 14, 2011