• SC Policy Sub Committee Minutes 09/19/2012


    SHARON, MA 02067

    School Committee

    Policy Subcommittee

    Minutes – September 19, 2012

    School Administration Building

    Sharon Middle School

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067

    Present: Timothy Farmer, Glenn Brand, Jeff Cruzan, Katie Currul-Dykeman, Veronica Wiseman, Kris Heck, Cathy Friedman, Sue Molinda

    The meeting was convened at 6:00 p.m.

    Areas of discussion for this meeting:

    The school nurses reviewed with the committee the draft policy JLCD (Administering Medicine to Students). There was a lengthy discussion on word and definition clarification.

    • There was also a lengthy discussion on allergic reactions, the administration of Benadryl and Epinephrine (Epi-Pen).

    • There was a discussion on the protocol for keys (where they would be kept and who would have access) to locked medicine cabinets.

    • Policy EBB (Administering First Aid) was discussed. The School Nurses will review the current policy and will have further discussion on the policy at a subsequent meeting.

    • There was a brief discussion on irritants/perfumes/fragrances in school buildings district-wide.

    It was the consensus of members to not adopt a policy but to use “best efforts” to discourage over-use of perfumes/fragrances in school buildings.

    The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

    Submitted by: Helen Campanario, Recording Secretary to the School Committee