File: BEDB


    The Superintendent and Chair of the School Committee are responsible for setting the meeting agendas.

    Items of business may be requested by any School Committee member, staff member, or citizen. The inclusion of such items, however, will be at the discretion of the Chair of the Committee. Any member may request of the Chair that an item be placed on the agenda at any time preceding a meeting. If the Chair does not place the item on the agenda, the member may bring the matter to the Committee for a vote. A majority affirmative vote is sufficient to place a matter on the agenda. A staff member who wishes to have a topic scheduled on the agenda should submit the request through the Superintendent.

    The Committee will follow the order of business established by the agenda except as it decides to rearrange the order for the convenience of visitors, individuals appearing before the Committee, or to expedite Committee business.

    Revised:May 25, 2011