• SC Minutes 04/10/2013



    School Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

    Sharon Middle School

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067

    Present: Jeffrey Cruzan, Katie Currul-Dykeman (arrived at 7:10 p.m.), Laura Salomons, Emily Smith-Lee, Veronica Wiseman

    Absent: Jon Hitter

    Also present: Tim Farmer, Glenn Brand, Susan Luciani, Tina Kemp, and members of the community

    L. Salomons called the Open Session meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

    Prior to convening the meeting, T. Farmer paid a tribute to Bob Sondheim, retired Athletic Director, who died suddenly. Following Mr. Farmer, members spoke of Mr. Sondheim and there was a moment of silence in remembrance of Mr. Sondheim.


    Open Forum

    There were no community members who participated in Open Forum.


    There was a correspondence signed by 5 families requesting the addition of 2 crossing guards – one at South Main Street and one at Pond Street for the safety of Cottage Street School walkers. Superintendent Farmer has responded to the parents and will follow-up. Crossing guards are assigned/placed by the Police Department. Mr. Farmer will be discussing the request with the Police Department. J. Cruzan spoke in favor of addressing this need.

    Student Advisory Committee

    The student advisory committee members were not present at this evening’s meeting.


    SHS School Council Athletic Program Audit – held over as an April 24, 2013 agenda item

    Math Curricular Review

    Susan Luciani, 6-12 Math Coordinator, and Tina Kemp, K-5 Math Coordinator, with the aid of PowerPoint presented the Mathematics Program Review. Before beginning the review, thanks went out to the following math review committee members for their time and effort: Elizabeth Murphy, Amy Steinberg, Florence Smith, Deborah Pruell, Rachel Diamond, Kathleen Joyce, Theodora Nikopoulos, Stephanie Kraft, Elise McCann, Ashley Monty, Emmanuel Sodbinow. Key points covered in the presentation included:

    • Key Tasks of the Math Program Review (review best practices, create surveys, evaluate alignment, explore alternative programs and possible pilots, discuss integration of math & science)

    • Key Shifts (focus, coherence, clarity, rigor)

    • Standards for Math Practice (problem solving, abstract reasoning, viable arguments & critique other’s reasoning, model with math, appropriate strategic tools, attend to precision, make use of structure, regularity in repeating reasoning)

    • Former Framework and New Framework

    • PreK-8 Domains Progression

    • High School Organization – conceptual categories (number and quantity, Algebra, functions, geometry, modeling, statistics and probability)

    • Curriculum Commendations and Recommendations

    • Staff Commendations and Recommendations

    • Instruction Commendations and Recommendations

    • Assessment Commendations and Recommendations

    • Professional Development Commendations and Recommendations

    Following the presentation, there was a Q&A with the Committee.


    A. Consent Agenda

    L. Salomons asked for a motion to approve the following consent agenda items:

    1) Approve meeting minutes – Executive and Open Session Meeting minutes of March 20, 2013

    2) Approve FY 2014 Revolving Fund Fees

    3) Approve Chinese Scholarship/Trust Donation

    4) Approve Secretaries Contract FY 2014-2016

    Prior to the vote, T. Farmer presented the recently negotiated items from the Secretaries Contract.

    5) Approve Nurse Facilitator Position

    Prior to the vote, T. Farmer outlined the responsibilities of the Nurse Facilitator.

    6) Approve SHS Ultimate Disc Team Trip to R.I. (May 10, 2013)

    MOTION: (Cruzan/Wiseman) Moved to approve the Consent Agenda items #1-6 as submitted and read. Yes vote: Cruzan, Currul-Dykeman, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman


    Class Size

    L. Salomons outlined the framework for the class size discussion, which should include the district as a whole from elementary through high school. Members were provided with a handout from a member of the audience, which addressed concerns of Heights parents regarding class size. Areas of discussion included:

    • adding a grade 3 section to reduce class size at Heights

    • redistribution of aides at Heights would be considered

    • current practice is that class size should not exceed 26 students

    • parents expressed concern that 26 was too high

    • class size district-wide is closely monitored monthly – where necessary, sections have been added in the middle of summer

    • reducing class size district-wide has budget implications

    • adding class sections district-wide is not financially feasible

    • administration is charged with presenting a budget that is connected with the Strategic Plan and the % that Town allots for budget – 2014 - 2.2% for all sectors

    • the 2014 budget process was outlined – from preliminary (December), to public forum (January), to final vote at Town Meeting (May)

    • budget discussions took place at the January 9th meeting

    • class size is considered during the budget development process

    • staff salaries constitute 83% of the operating budget

    • changes in K and grade one could change as enrollment changes from entrance from private school sectors

    • a cohort growth K-12 from 2002-2012 was reviewed

    • identify classes that need additional attention and do not place behavioral issues in those classrooms

    • assign additional school psychologists to work with teachers for classroom management

    • assign additional specialists to reduce the teacher/student ratio and create smaller instructional groups

    • average class size over the years has increased

    •over the years, budgets have been level service

    Mr. Farmer will meet with Heights Principal Lisa Lamore and teaching staff and will report back to the School Committee at a subsequent meeting – possibly at the June 5th meeting.

    Superintendent’s Evaluation – process, forms

    T. Farmer, with the aid of PowerPoint, presented a Primer for the new process for evaluating the Superintendent of Schools. Areas covered in the presentation included:

    • The five-step process (self-assessment, analysis, goal setting and plan development, implementation of the plan, formative assessment discussion, summative assessment evaluation

    • Goal setting and plan development (two professional practice goals, one student learning goal, two district improvement goals)

    • Process, documents and other information

    The evaluation includes: Superintendent’s rubric, end-of-cycle evaluation instrument, educator collection of evidence form, artifact cover page

    The School Committee has the flexibility to determine just how many of the 4 standards may be used for the superintendent and for the personal, professional goals.

    Suggested next steps:

    • School Committee, or a designee, and Superintendent review rubric and determine which standards, indicators and/or elements to be the focus for this evaluation.

    • Superintendent prepares artifact cover pages and educator collection of evidence forms.

    • Superintendent posts narratives by April 18th for review by School Committee.

    • School Committee review documents provided by Superintendent, completes individual evaluation and submit to Chair by April 22nd.

    • Chair collates feedback and creates final evaluation for the May 8th meeting.

    The four standards for evaluation: Exemplary, Proficient, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory. State wants all educators to be Proficient.

    Following Mr. Farmer’s presentation, there was a discussion regarding the process.

    FY 2014 Budget – Percent Increase – held over as an April 24, 2013 agenda item

    Real Estate Near SHS

    There was a brief discussion on the possibility of a house and lot to the right of Sharon High School might be available for sale in the near future and whether School Committee might consider submitting a capital outlay request for the purchase of the property. It was the consensus of the Committee not to submit a capital outlay request until the feasibility study has been completed. L. Salomons will update Selectman Bill Heitin on tonight’s discussion.


    Subcommittees, & Town Committees

    Capital Outlay – All School Department requests were approved by the Capital Outlay Committee except for the upgrades to One School Street (new roof and handicap upgrades). A new parking lot was approved.

    Recreation – The use of SMS baseball field was discussed – re: field playability

    Standing Building Committee – The certificate of completion for the Middle School was signed.

    Other Business

    There being no further business, L. Salomons asked for a motion to enter into Executive Session.

    MOTION: (Smith-Lee/Cruzan) Moved to adjourn Open Session and enter into Executive Session for the purposes of discussing personnel, collective bargaining and legal litigation with the intent not to return to Open Session.Yes vote: Cruzan, Currul-Dykeman, Hitter, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman

    Open Session was adjourned at 9:52 p.m.

    Submitted on behalf of the School Committee by: Helen Campanario, Recording Secretary to the School Committee


    Back-up Materials for the April 10, 2013 meeting

    • copies of correspondence


    • copy of SHS School Council Athletic Program Audit

    • copy of Math Curricular Review Materials


    • copy of Executive & Open session minutes from the March 20, 2013 meeting

    • copy of Chinese Scholarship/Trust Donation document

    • copy of Secretaries MOA

    • copy of side letter re: Nurse Leader Position

    • copy of field trip request (SHS Ultimate Disc)


    • copy of 2013-2014 revolving fund & fee report

    • copy of material re: Superintendent’s Evaluatio


    • copy of MASC memo

    • copy of Summer Professional Development Offerings

    • copy of DESE letter re: fiscal review

    • copy of School Committee Capital Outlay projects requests (2014)

    • copy of SMS Wellness newsletter

    • copy of METCO Report

    • copy of Educator evaluation e-newsletter

    • copy of East Elementary School Council minutes

    • copy of CT Interscholastic Athletic Standards


    • copy of Artifact document

    • copy of Educator Collection of Evidence Form 2

    • copy of End Cycle-Progress Report

    • copy of End Cycle – Superintendent Summative Evaluation Report

    • copy of memo from Attorney Harry Beach re: evaluation

    • copy of Superintendent Rubric