• SC Minutes 07/10/2013



    School Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Sharon Middle School

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067

    Present: Katie Currul-Dykeman, Jon Hitter, Marcy Kaplan, Laura Salomons, Emily Smith-Lee, Veronica Wiseman

    Also present: Tim Farmer, Glenn Brand and John Marcus

    E. Smith-Lee called the Open Session meeting to order and was convened at 8:05 p.m.


    Open Forum

    There were no community members present for participation in Open Forum.


    1)A parental email request to put the topic of on-line grade book as a future agenda item – T. Farmer and E. Smith-Lee responded.

    2)A letter from a parent re: the school calendar and snow days. T. Farmer responded.

    3)A letter from a parent re: situation at Cottage Street School. T. Farmer informed the Committee that the situation has been resolved to the parents’ satisfaction.


    Consent Agenda

    E. Smith-Lee asked for a motion to approve the following consent agenda items:

    1) Approve meeting minutes – Executive and Open Session Meeting minutes of June 19, 2013.

    2) Approve 2013-2014 Meeting Dates. Note: As this does not require a vote, the dates were moved to “Announcements”

    3) Approve Side Letter of Agreement between the STA and School Committee – re: Extra-Curricular Positions and to authorize the Chair to sign the Side Letter of Agreement on behalf of the School Committee.

    MOTION: (Salomons/Hitter) Moved to approve consent agenda items #1 and 3 as submitted and read. Yes vote: Currul-Dykeman, Hitter, Kaplan, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman


    Remote Participation at School Committee Meetings

    E. Smith-Lee opened up discussion on this agenda item stating that remote participation might be useful to have in place. The Town Administrator must authorize remote participation. There still must be a physical quorum present. Following a brief discussion, it was the consensus of the Committee to pursue authorization by the Town Administrator.

    Technology Plan

    J. Marcus presented an overview of 2013-2016 SPS Technology Plan. The following Tech Forward members were recognized for their work in creating the plan, goals and objectives for the next 3 years: John Marcus, Glenn Brand, Kevin Madden, Kathy Dubrovsky, Susanne Fuller, Erin Drew, Cathy Collins, Richard Kowalski, Maddy Shapiro, Richard Eames, Dianne Needle, Amy Hearne, Lisa Jolicoeur, Nancy Grefe, Julia O’Brien, Julie Egan, Vedant Chaudhari, Ben Hamilton, Stephen Greenwald, Gare Reid. Tech Forward, consisting of students, parents, teachers and administrators was established in 2012. Recent technology developments for 2011, 2012 and 2013 were highlighted. Current practices and resources for preschool, elementary, middle and high school were presented. The following goals and objectives were developed by Tech Forward.

    • To advance learning through the use of contemporary technology tools and innovative instructional practices

    • To enhance communication among various constituents

    • To help make the work of the SPS community more effective and efficient

    • To expand access to technology tools and to support advanced learning and enhanced communications

    Following the presentation, there was a Q&A with the Committee. A vote on the Technology Plan will be an agenda item at the August 28th meeting. The draft will be placed on the SPS website.


    Elementary Enrollment Data

    T. Farmer reviewed the most up-to-date elementary enrollment data. Registrations will be closely monitored. August 1st will be the cut-off date on whether to add a section. Members would be informed if a section needs to be added.

    Other Business

    There being no further business, E. Smith-Lee asked for a motion to adjourn Open Session and enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing collective bargaining and negotiations with non-union personnel with the intent not to return to Open Session.

    MOTION: (Salomons/Hitter) Moved to adjourn Open Session and enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing collective bargaining and negotiations with non-union personnel with the intent not to return to Open Session.

    Yes vote: Currul-Dykeman, Hitter, Kaplan, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman

    Open Session was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

    Submitted on behalf of the School Committee by: Helen Campanario, Recording Secretary to the School Committee

    Back-up Materials for the July 10, 2013 meeting

    • copies of correspondence


    • copy of materials re: MIT project – Cottage Street School


    • copy of Open session minutes from the June 5, 2013 meeting

    • copy of final budget memo

    • copy of memo re: transfer requests

    • copy of field trip requests: SHS France, China, NYC Model UN Conference

    • copy of information re: SHS PTSO donation

    • copy of surplus information

    • copy of memorandums: re: bid award for Existing Conditions Study (SHS and Heights)


    • copy of memo Five-Year Financial Plan Presentation

    • copy of Policies IA - IHBF


    • copy of SHS SIP

    • SPED information re: Evaluation Update on Implementation of Recommendations

    & Coordinated Program Review

    • list of Town Committees


    • information re: SMS Math Program

    • copy of CHARMA Budget

    • information re: 2012 End-of-Year Audit


    • information re: administrative contracts

    • enrollment numbers