File: BDG


    The School Committee and Superintendent may use the services provided by the town counsel, or other attorneys as they see fit.

    It will be the duty of the counsel for the Committee to advise the School Committee and the Superintendent. S/he will attend meetings upon request and will be sufficiently familiar with Committee policies and practices, and with school law.

    A decision to seek legal advice or assistance on behalf of the school system will be made by the Committee. The Superintendent may also take such action at the direction of the Committee.

    Routine legal assistance does not require specific Committee approval or prior notice. However, when the Superintendent concludes that unusual types or amounts of professional legal service may be required, s/he will advise the Committee and seek either initial or continuing authorization for such service.

    Legal Refs.:M.G.L. 71:37E, Legal Counsel for Collective Bargaining

    M.G.L. 71:37F, Legal Counsel for General Purposes

    Revised:May 25, 2011