• SC Minutes 11/06/2013



    School Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    Sharon Middle School

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067

    Present: Katie Currul-Dykeman, Marcy Kaplan, Laura Salomons, Emily Smith-Lee, Veronica Wiseman

    Absent: Jon Hitter

    Also present: Tim Farmer, Glenn Brand, a member of the Finance Committee and a member of the community

    E. Smith-Lee called the Open Session meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


    Open Forum

    A member of the audience spoke in favor of having on-line homework available for all students.


    There was one piece of correspondence from Gina Chaney, SSEPAC President re: asking to be kept abreast of revisions of policies related to Special Needs.

    Student Advisory Committee Representatives

    Recent happenings at SHS:

    • First quarter report cards date: November 8th

    • SHS late start: November 14th

    • SHS Shrek Musical: November 21-24

    • SHS Newspaper The Talon is now available

    • Deadline for early admissions applications: November 1st – with some deadlines extended to November 8th

    • Pep Rally video now showing on SHS hall televisions

    • World Kindness Day: November 13th

    • National Honor Society has been working on cleaning up the courtyard

    • Fall sports are finishing and sign-up for winter sports has begun. Cross-country is advancing to the states

    • The organization HUGS sponsored presentations to SHS students, which included to topics: Age of Consent; Cyber-bullying; Think Twice-Remote Control; Dating Violence.

    • Talent Show this evening in the Library


    Consent Agenda

    1. Approve Meeting Minutes – Open & Executive Session (October 30, 2013) – hold until the November 20th meeting.

    2. Approve Cottage PTO Donation - $800

    3. Approve Policies as presented and discussed on 10/30/13: - IMA/Teaching Activities/Presentations; IMD-School Ceremonies & Observances; IME-Performances for students; JA-Student Policies Goals; JBA-Student to Student Harassment; JC-Attendance Areas; JEB-Kindergarten: Entrance Age & Half-Day; JF-School Admissions; JFABB-Exchange Students; JFABD-Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights & Services; JFC-Transfers & Withdrawals

    E. Smith-Lee asked for a motion to approve consent agenda items 2 & 3 as presented.

    MOTION: (Salomons/Wiseman) Moved to approve consent agenda items 2 & 3 as read and submitted. Yes vote: Currul-Dykeman, Kaplan, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman


    One School Street

    T. Farmer presented an overview of his November 1st memorandum re: use of One School Street. Due to the logistical inconvenience of scheduling meetings at One School Street, building use has been intermittent. Cost for maintaining the building is $6,292. Capital Outlay had awarded the School Department $30,056 for upgrading the parking lot. Bids received far exceeded this amount. Administration is recommending that the money be returned to the Town. The building is not being used on a consistent basis and associated costs in maintaining the building could be spent on teaching and learning. Administration’s recommendation to the School Committee is to turn One School Street over to the Town. S.C. will vote on the recommendation at the November 20th meeting.

    FY 2015 Administration’s Capital Requests

    G. Brand presented an overview of his November 1st memorandum re: FY 2015 Capital Outlay recommendations. Areas covered in the presentation included: summary of capital spending to date; list of 2015 CO recommendations; request for repurposing of capital funds (for card security in the three elementary schools and high school. Middle school already has card security system); comparison of previous capital requests (2010-2014); long-range capital planning.

    A vote of S.C. approval on the capital requests will be an agenda item at the November 20th meeting. The School Department will present the requests at the November 21st Capital Outlay meeting. The full capital report is on the school’s website. A goal of administration is to adopt the practice of utilizing capital funds within the fiscal year that they were awarded. Administration’s recommendation to the S.C. is to return a capital balance of $62,831.26 to the Capital Outlay Committee.

    Following the presentation, there was a Q&A with the Committee.


    Prior to L. Salomon’s review of the policies recommended for approval, E. Smith stated that she had reviewed the statue for the release of Executive Session minutes. T. Farmer asked that Town Counsel review the redacted minutes prior to their release.

    L. Salomons presented the Policy Subcommittee recommendations for the following policies:

    BEC – Executive SessionsRevise to reflect specific changes in law.

    HB – Negotiations Legal StatusRevise to change title & incorporate relevant sections from other H Policies

    HF – School Committee Negotiating AgentsDelete, include any necessary info in HB

    HMA – Announcement of Agreement-Professional StaffDelete, include any necessary info in HB

    IA – Instructional GoalsRevise to simplify

    IGA – Curriculum DevelopmentRevise to clarify & to include parts of IGD

    IGD – Curriculum AdoptionDelete, include any necessary info in IGA

    IHBAA – Guidelines for Observations by Parents/GuardiansRevised to simplify & include a sentence

    And/or Parents/Guardian Designeesre: exceptions to general guidelines in certain circumstances

    IHBEA – English Language LearnersRevise to clarify

    IHBF – Home Hospital EducationRevise to clarify

    IHBG – General Policy for Home EducationRevise to simplify

    IJ – Instructional MaterialsRevise to simplify & be consistent w/other policies, and to include parts of IJ-R

    IJ-R – Reconsideration of Instructional MaterialsDelete, but include necessary info from IJ

    IJLA – Library ResourcesRevise to add more specifics

    IJOA – Policy on Field Trips, Travel Study, SupplementaryRevise to simplify

    Trips & Community Education Trips

    IKE – Promotion & Retention of StudentsRevise to simplify

    Following the presentation, there was a brief Q&A with the Committee.


    Subcommittee Reports

    E. Smith-Lee updated the Committee on this evening’s budget subcommittee meeting. Areas of discussion included: S.C. budget priorities and fees (transportation, full-day kindergarten, athletics, early childhood). Fees will be a discussion agenda item at the November 20th S.C. meeting.

    L. Salomons will be chair of this year’s Priorities Committee.


    T. Farmer informed the Committee that Bill Martin, Athletic Director, was in an auto accident. There was extensive damage to his vehicle. Fortunately, he is fine.

    Superintendent Blog is up and running and is gaining followers. The community is invited to follow Superintendent Farmer’s Blog.

    Other Business

    There being no further business, E. Smith-Lee asked for a motion to adjourn Open Session and enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing collective bargaining and a pending grievance with the intent not to return to Open Session.

    MOTION: (Currul-Dykeman/Salomons Moved to adjourn Open Session and enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing collective bargaining, litigation and review of Executive Session minutes with the intent not to return to Open Session.

    Yes vote: Currul-Dykeman, Kaplan, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman

    Open Session was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

    Submitted on behalf of the School Committee by: Helen Campanario, Recording Secretary to the School Committee

    Back-up Materials for the November 6, 2013 meeting


    • minutes – Exec. & Open – 10/30/2013

    • info re: Cottage PTO donation

    • copy of policies as presented and discussed on 10/30/13 for vote & new polices for discussion


    • copy of information re: One School Street

    • copy of information re: Capital Outlay Requests


    • copy of letter re: recognition of SHS teacher, Tom Sanborn

    • copy of Y Healthy Futures Newsletter