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    As required by the state legislature in the Education Reform Act of 1993, a School Council shall be established in each school to advise the Principal about specific areas of school operation. The Principal, except as specifically defined in the law, shall have the responsibility for defining the composition of, and forming the group pursuant to a representative process approved by the Superintendent and the School Committee.

    State law requires that School Councils comprise parents of children attending the school, teachers of the school, citizens of Sharon who are not parents of children attending the school, and, where appropriate, students of the school in grade 9 or above. The Principal shall act as co-chair with another member of the Council.

    The School Council shall meet regularly with the Principal of the school and shall assist in:

    1. Identification of the educational needs of the students attending the school,
    1. Adoption of educational goals for the school that are consistent with state law, and School Committee policies, standards, and goals,
    1. Formulation of a School Improvement Plan (see Policy BDFA-E-1),
    1. Review of the school building budget,
    1. Review of the student handbook of the school.

    State law allows the School Committee to grant a school council additional authority in the area of educational policy, provided that such authority does not involve labor relations.

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    Revised:May 11, 2011