• SC Policy Sub Committee Meeting Minutes 01/16/2014

    Policy Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (Minutes in Blue.)


    1. Approve Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 12/17/13. The meeting minutes of 12/17/13 were approved. Kaplan made the motion/Wiseman seconded. Vote was unanimous.
    2. Next Meeting Feb 27 mtg



    IGA, Curriculum Development

    Revise to clarify and to include elements of IGD. We reviewed Tim’s comments and included comments re Common Core like curriculum. We reviewed in light of the School Committee meeting discussion and made some minor changes. We did not include a statement re programs making an impact on the budget needing a SC vote.

    IGD, Curriculum Adoption

    Delete, include any necessary info in IGA. Delete as previous recommended.

    IMB, Teaching About Controversial Issues/Controversial Speakers

    We reviewed in light of the School Committee meeting discussion but we made no additional revisions to our previous recommendation. Specifically, we decided to keep word controversial in policy and sentence banning students from distributing controversial materials.

    JJE, Student Fundraising Activities

    Revise with minor changes. Made grammatical changes and some language changes to allow fundraising for a variety of reasons per Tim’s recommendation.

    JKAA, Physical Restraint of Students

    Revise to include more specifics re training and regulations. We slightly revised our revisions to reflect attorney’s recommendation.

    JLA, Student Insurance Program

    Delete, not necessary.Tim wants to keep reference that requires athletes to have health insurance. We decided we needed more information. Laura will ask MASC about requirement to have health insurance.

    JLD, Guidance Program

    Add MASC policy on Guidance Program with some revisions We added language based on Tim’s recommendation, primarily adding position titles that provide guidance.

    JLCDA, Policy for Students Requiring Medication on Field Trips

    This was not in table of contents but was within text of manual.   Delete as covered by JLCD, Administering Medication. Wrong letters too. We need to integrate policy on field trips and medications into JLCD. Laura will do and have Tim send to nurses.

    JQ, Students Fees, Fines and Charges

    Minor revisions, state that we can’t charge for a required material even if it becomes property of student. Per Tim’s recommendation we will modify language re reduction/elimination of fee to make sure it is consistent with our practice of using a sliding fee scale.

    JRA-R, Student Records

    Delete We had recommended deletion but Tim would like to keep to support administrators. We agreed.

    JRD, Student Photographs

    Delete Tim wanted to have discussions with building principals before deleting. Conclusion is that deleting is ok.

    KCB, Community Involvement in Decision Making

    Revised to simplify. Slightly modified revisions based on School Committee discussion.

    KHA, Non-Student Based Fundraising Activities

    Minor revisions to include building principal in decision making.

    KHB, Advertising in the Schools

    No change as it was recently revised.

    KI, Visitors to the Schools

    No change

    KIB, Guidelines For Observations By Parents/Guardians And/Or Parent/Guardian Designees

    Delete as same as IHBAA

    LB, Relations With Other Schools And School Districts

    Very minor changes.

    LBC, Relations With Nonpublic Schools

    No change

    LDA, Student Teaching and Internships

    Revise to ensure that we can terminate student intern at any time.