• SC Policy Sub Committee Meeting Minutes 02/27/2014

    Policy Subcommittee

    Meeting Minutes in Blue


    1. Approve Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 1/16/14. Subcommittee mtg min were approved unanimously.
    2. JFCB, Students Who Move During The School Year. Reviewed and determined that current policy is ok.
    3. JICJ, Electronic Devices Reviewed John Marcus comments and further revised.
    4. JLA, Student Insurance Needs a conversation with Tim.
    5. JRA-R, Student Records Revised to include current regs.
    6. AC, Nondiscrimination – Revised to reflect changes in law.
    7. ACA, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex Minor revisions of language and clarification.
    8. ACAB, Sexual Harrassment – Revised to reflect changes in law and to clarify policy and procedures for dealing with sexual assault and harassment.
    9. ACH, Acts of Assault/Harassment/Discrimination/Racism/Anti-Semitism/Vandalism (Marcy)
    10. BEDE-E, Agenda Format (Marcy)
    11. BG, Policy Development and Implementation (Laura)
    12. BGC, Policy Revision and Review (Laura)
    13. CBI, Evaluation of the Superintendent (Laura)
    14. GBJ, Personnel Records (Marcy)
    15. E cigarettes (Laura)
    16. Next Meeting – We will meet again next week, and add to the agenda a discussion on handbooks and policy. And handbook policy on discipline and what changes are needed to reflect the current law.