• SC Policy Sub Committee Meeting Minutes 03/05/2014

    Policy Subcommittee Meeting Minutes


    1. Approve Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 2/27/14. Wiseman made motion, Kaplan seconded. Vote unanimous.
    2. JLA, Student Insurance Need Tim to discuss.
    3. AC, Nondiscrimination - Marcy revised – basically kept old version with slight modifications. We will add AC-R which will be the exact regs.
    4. ACH, Acts of Assuault/Harassment/Discrimination/Racism/Anti-Semitism/Vandalism (Marcy) Minor modifications.
    5. BEDE-E, Agenda Format Recommend deletion.
    6. BG, Policy Development and Implementation (Laura) Revise to ensure that people know all state and fed laws and regs supercede SC policy.
    7. BGC, Policy Revision and Review (Laura) Revise to allow Supt to make non substantive changes without a SC vote, ie contact information.
    8. CBI, Evaluation of the Superintendent (Laura) Laura will revise based on conversation – to make message about not using experiences with child as sole basis for Supt eval more positive than negative.
    9. GBJ, Personnel Records (Marcy) No problems here.
    10. E cigarettes (Laura) Agreed on banning and adding to policy manual.
    11. Handbooks and specifically discipline related changes Subctte members will review handbooks to determine best way to ensure consistency btwn handbooks and manual.