• SC Policy Sub Committee Meeting Minutes 04/01/2014

    Policy Subcommittee

    Meeting Minutes


    1. Approve Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 3/5/14. – Laura forgot to include – will work on for next meeting.
    2. Handbooks and specifically discipline related changes – We discussed handbook issues – need to be consistent with policy, when policies referred to in handbook they should be included in total or just have letters referenced and can be clicked on, some fed/state laws ie Chap 76,sec 5 must be included in all handbooks see 603 CMR 26.08, Tim will take to principals and they will begin to revise – it may not be ready for FY15.
    3. JLA, Student Insurance - delete, not necessary given new laws
    4. CBI, Evaluation of the Superintendent – add language to ensure that evaluations are based not solely on personal experiences
    5. JICJ, Electronic Devices – updated, changed cheating to be using electronic device during an exam not just having phone on. Marcy concerned about child’s health when phone is taken away and not returned until a parent comes to the school.
    6. JLCD, Administration of Medications – include info re field trip issues, this was in JLCDA
    7. EBB, First Aid (nurses) – still with nurses
    8. JLC, Student Health Services and Requirements (Nurses) – add language re screenings are not diagnostic, include list of specific screenings – send back to nurses 1 more time
    9. JLCA, Physical Examinations of Students (Nurses) – update to include what is required to be in school, change requirement of exam needed from 11th grade to 10th grade.
    10. JLCB, Immunizations of Students (Nurses) – update to include listing of specific immunizations and language re homeless students
    11. ADDA, CORI Requirements & Procedures, ADDA E-1 (Tim) – still under review
    12. IHAM, Health Education (health educators) – update to use modern language
    13. JFA, Residency Policy/Procedures & E 1-3 (Tim) – still under review
    14. JICFB, Anti-Bullying (?)– still under review
    15. JIH, Interrogations and Searches (Officer Hocking) – change language from interrogations to questioning, include that parent must be present for students under 18, include automobile as property that can be searched.
    16. JJIF, Concussion Policy (Bill Martin) – still under review
    17. KF, Community Use of School Facilities – still under review
    18. KF-E-1, Reservation Request Form, KF-E-2, Request Form For Fee Structure And Cost Planning, KF-E-3, Indemnification Agreement And Covenant(Glenn/Veronica – please make sure to make changes to include ban on e-cigs) – still under review