• SC Budget Sub Committee Minutes 12/07/2015

    Budget Subcommittee Meeting

    December 7, 2015

    Meeting Minutes

    In attendance: Laura Salomons, Veronica Wiseman, Jon Hitter, Tim Farmer, Jahmal Moseley, Sue Owen.

    1. Approve Meeting Minutes from 10/27 and 11/12: (Wiseman/Hitter) Minutes approved 3-0
    2. Finalize Athletic and Extracurricular Fee Recommendations

    -Fee proposals were reviewed and discussed. Athletic fee recommendations remain the same: charge the same $250 fee for all sports. This will help address increasing costs and make it easier to administer. Treat Ultimate like a sport.

    -The committee wants to recommend that all extracurricular activities, including athletics, whether at the SMS or SHS be treated the same in that fees should cover 40% of the costs.

    -In order for this to happen, a fairly large fee would need to be charged for clubs. In order to ease into this scenario, the subcommittee recommends a $25 club fee that would cover the costs of all club participation for one year. This should be reviewed and increased in a couple of years.

    - This same approach applies to track and intramurals so this will result in a lower fee than participants are used to. The balance will be used to cover future operating costs and equipment needs. Administration should request wish lists from advisor/coaches.

    - Administration will need to figure out how and when to administer fee.

    - PPT presentation should be shorter with detailed back up in dropbox.

    - Administration should be very conservative when planning for increased revenues, and perhaps not count on it in first year.

    1. Kindergarten, Early Childhood, Transportation, and Lunch Fees

    -The administration recommendation is to keep all fees the same.

    -In kindergarten and early childhood program there will be deficits for next year, but balance will cover costs.

    -Administration will use some of the kindergarten balance to cover supplies.

    1. First Quarter Budget Report

    - There are no areas of concern.

    1. Preliminary FY’17 Budget Planning

    -In addition to additional expenses for steps, lanes, and COLA increases, there are some increases due to class size needs and FLES program expansion.

    -The biggest increases are in SPED – a loss of circuit breaker and new ASD staffing needed at SHS and language based programming needed at elementary schools.

    -Administration’s goal is to get percent increase request to less than last year’s request.