• SC Budget Sub Committee Minutes 01/05/16

    Budget Subcommittee Meeting

    January 5, 2016

    Meeting Minutes

    In attendance: Laura Salomons, Veronica Wiseman, Jon Hitter, Tim Farmer, Jahmal Mosely, & Sue Owen

    1. Approved the meeting minutes of 12/7/15 (Wiseman/Hitter) 3-0.
    2. Athletic and Extracurricular Fees

    Laura reviewed a new PowerPoint which basically shows the different options the committee might choose to approve. Others made suggestions for language tweaks and moving slides around, in addition to including information about fees others towns charge and mentioning that we provide scholarships for those who can’t afford the fees.

    1. Kindergarten Fees

    Laura reviewed kindergarten fees with Sue and Judy Townsend. She presented a grid which shows what will happen to the balance if we maintain the fee as recommended by the administration. Within a couple of years, there will need to be a fee hike if we want the fee to cover the costs. Others suggested that at that time a policy might be proposed to establish how fees are set and how to avoid amassing too much of a balance. The subcommittee’s goal is basically sustainability of the program and that is what the conversation should be about. The subcommittee concurs with the administration’s recommendation, but will inform the School Committee of possible options, including the establishment of a break even fee.

    1. FY’17 Budget

    The administration’s budget proposal asks for a 3.49% increase (assuming $30,000 in fees as well), while Priorities preliminarily wants to give 3.18%. The administration will be looking at how to get to that number. No one in the administrative leadership wants to cut funds for new initiatives or programs that move the district forward, so the money will come from other places.

    1. Next Meeting

    No next meeting was set.