• SC Minutes 01/27/2016



    School Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, January 27, 2016

    Sharon Middle School

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067

    Present: Katie Currul-Dykeman, Jon Hitter, Marcy Kaplan, Laura Salomons (arrived at 8:47 p.m.), Emily Smith-Lee, Veronica Wiseman

    Absent: Jon Hitter

    Also present: Tim Farmer, Jahmal Mosley, Susan Owen, administrators, principals, students, and members of the community

    Open Session was convened at 7:04 p.m.



    The following correspondence was received:

    1) 30 letters from parents in support of the FLES (elementary foreign language program) and asking S.C. not to consider cutting the program from the 2017 operating budget.

    2) 30 letters from students and community members in opposition to the proposal to have a fee for extra-curricular clubs and asking S.C. not to approve the fee proposal.

    3) Letter from a resident in support of the FLES program and requesting that all programs be evaluated.

    4) A letter from a parent re: family perspective of the many fees required throughout the district.

    5) Letter from a resident re: 1:1 technology and the cost of the program moving forward.

    • Letter from a parent re: music program, lack of in-class instruction, which is leading to a drop in student participation and asking for a reevaluation of the music program.

    • Letter from the SEF co-president re: scheduling changes at SMS.

    SHS Student Representatives

    Recent happenings at SHS:

    • Second semester starts January 28th

    • Grades come out on February 2nd and the portal will be open

    • HUGS is sponsoring “The Yellow Dress” performance, which addresses dating violence

    • Teen Speak Out – January 29th

    • Town Clerk’s Office staff will be at SHS to register students to vote

    • Follow SHS on Twitter, Facebook and You-Tube


    Consent Agenda:

    1. Approve full day kindergarten Fee ($3,100) for the 2016-2017 school year

    2. Approve Policies ADDA (Cori Requirements and Procedures); ADDA-E-1 (Information Concerning the Process in Correcting a Criminal Record): JFF and/or DIBA (Student Activity Accounts); Fingerprint Based Criminal History Record

    Information Checks Made for Non-Criminal Justice Purposes)

    Prior to the vote: Clarification: vote on kindergarten fee of $3,100 is separate from future discussion on balance in kindergarten account.

    MOTION: (Currul-Dykeman/Kaplan) Moved to approve consent agenda items #1 & 2 as presented. Yes vote: Currul-Dykeman, Kaplan, Smith-Lee, Wiseman

    Separate vote: Heights Roof Statement of Interest

    T. Farmer informed the Committee that R. Marty, Director of Maintenance & Operations, will be filing a SOI (statement of interest) with the MSBA for roof replacement at Heights Elementary School, which requires a vote of approval from the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen. Deadline for filing the SOI is the second week in February. T. Farmer asked the S.C. to vote approval of the SOI submission to the MSBA.

    MOTION: (Smith-Lee/Kaplan) Moved that the School Committee approve the Statement of Interest submission to the MSBA. Yes vote: Currul-Dykeman, Kaplan, Smith-Lee, Wiseman


    Budget Open Forum

    Prior to the public participation, T. Farmer presented an overview of the budget planning for the FY 2017 operational budget. Highlights included:

    • Roll over costs - $1,328,765.92

    • Staffing needs to maintain class size – additional $64,692.60

    • Required staffing – additional $22,715.11

    • Moving the district forward - $553,728

    • Reductions - $568,107.60

    • Increase needed - $1,272,408.83

    Total budget for FY 2017 - $41,273,876.83

    Budget is a 3.18% increase as per the request of the Priorities Committee.

    Budget Open Forum participation:

    • 25 students and community members spoke on the fee proposal for extra curricular activities – all in opposition.

    • 20 students and community members spoke on the continuation and expansion of the FLES Program – overwhelming support.

    • questions regarding the proposed LEAP Program. S. Fisichella, Director of Student Services provided an overview of the proposed program.

    • Member of the Finance Committee stated that the FC has concerns of sustainability of proposed programs. T. Farmer responded and explained that the S.C. has the responsibility of overseeing the voted operating budget and will not place the “sustainability” label only on a few programs when the district sustains dozens and dozens of programs.

    • Question re: revolving funds. T. Farmer explained the revolving funds process.

    • Community member expressed concerns re: 1:1 technology initiative.

    School Committee will further discuss fees at the February 10th meeting.


    Next policy subcommittee meeting will be held on February 10th at 6:00 p.m.

    Next Capital Outlay meeting will be held on February 1st.


    None at this time.

    Other Business

    There being no other business, V. Wiseman asked for a motion to adjourn Open Session and enter into Executive Session for the purposes of discussing negotiations with unionized personnel and preparation for negotiations with unionized personnel with the intentions not to return to Open Session.

    MOTION: (Smith-Lee/Kaplan) Moved to adjourn Open Session and enter into Executive Session for the purposes of discussing negotiations with unionized personnel and preparation for negotiations with unionized personnel with the intentions not to return to Open Session.

    Yes vote: Currul-Dykeman, Kaplan, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman

    Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

    Submitted on behalf of the School Committee by: Helen Campanario, Recording Secretary to the School Committee

    Back-up Materials for the January 27, 2016 meeting

    • copy of correspondence

    • copies of consent agenda materials

    • budget spreadsheet

    • copy of executive session materials