• SC Budget Sub Committee Minutes 03/15/2016

    Budget Subcommittee Meeting

    March 15, 2016

    Meeting Minutes

    In attendance: Laura Salomons, Veronica Wiseman, Tim Farmer, Jahmal Mosely, & Sue Owen

    I. Extra-curricular Fees

    At the next School Committee meeting, members will be asked if they want to hear a proposal from the community re fees. Based on community feedback, some people are against all extra-curricular fees, but there were also comments supporting fees for some clubs. If at least 4 members of the committee want to consider further proposals then we might want to take the offer of some from the community to come up with a proposal. This will take a lot of administrative time so a discussion of whether or not it is worth the effort will be had.

    There was also a discussion about clubs doing fundraising for extra projects. This can be done after club advisor gets approval from principal. In addition, we briefly discussed the club approval process which exists. Even if a club is approved doesn’t mean it is funded. This depends on budget and STA contracted positions. The principal has the authority to approve travel for clubs and this is partly based on what is in extracurricular travel budget.

    II. Athletic Fees

    Currently the athletic budget has a deficit of over $50,000. Whatever is left in the scholarship account (originally at $25,000) at the end of the fiscal year will be put towards this deficit. Other assets will cover the rest of the deficit. This has been a common occurrence over the past several years. There is a desire on the part of the subcommittee and administration to add more money into the athletic program during the next budgeting process.

    The AD recommends the same fee for all sports. This will be brought back to the School Committee table for their approval. The discussion about whether or not to make Ultimate a sport will also be discussed. If fee structure stays the same and Ultimate becomes a sport, it could add more to the athletic budget deficit.

    We will need to discuss SMS intramurals, track, and cross country fees at another meeting.

    III. Kindergarten

    Administration will create a more specific outline regarding what is needed in a contingency. The committee will need to decide whether or not to continue to maintain a contingency or decide to limit the number in full day kindergarten. Some of the full committee may want to give refunds to past K families. Giving refunds is very burdensome so in determining future fees, committee may want to think about setting a higher than necessary fee with the intention/hope of reducing the 4th quarter payment when it becomes apparent no extra funding is required.

    IV. Quarter 2 report

    Budget looks good. Amount of assets are about the same as this time last year.