• SC Budget Subcommittee Minutes 09/06/2016

    Budget Subcommittee

    September 6, 2016

    In attendance: Tim Farmer, Jahmal Moseley, John Marcus, Sue Fisichella, Sue Owen, Laura Salomons, Emily Smith-Lee

    I. Budget Timeline & Process

    Administrative capital proposals are due to Tim by Friday 9/9. Tim will present to school committee on 9/28.

    Administration can have the preliminary operational budget ready to present to the school committee for the first meeting in December, which is a little earlier than in past years. We are scheduled to present to FinCom in February.

    After a lengthy discussion of the best way to avoid some of the most contentious, last minute conflicts that we have experienced, the subcommittee recommended that the administration come to the table with a recommended budget with a 2.5% increase and a 3% increase and of course the budget we think is best for the school system. The subcommittee also recommended eliminating the language we have used in the past, i.e. must haves, wants, etc.

    II. 1:1 Initiative

    If we go through the capital process it costs approximately $250,000 for 1 grade of students and computers will last at least 5 years. We need to know what is happening regarding the cash capital process. To lease costs about $80,000/year. One advantage of leasing is lower interest costs. Another option is to get the town to put forward the money for the laptops outside of the budget process. Wayland did this.

    Only about 25 families have bought computers.

    Dr. Marcus will put together a spreadsheet outlining the pros and cons and costs of all of these options and Tim will talk to Fred about using the cash capital process. We will include money for the 1:1 in our capital requests.

    III. Special Education

    Sue Fisichella presented about current out placements. Some students were placed out of district before we developed in district programs. Some out placed students are medically fragile or just in need of a higher level of service.

    Sue has rewritten IEPs to ensure we get the most circuit breaker reimbursement we can.

    There are no current concerns about our FY17 SPED contingency fund.

    LEAP program is going well and almost at capacity. We brought back 2 students from out of district. We will advertise the program to try to get students from out of district, which will bring in additional funds (approx $20,000/student). The goal is to expand LEAP into 6th grade in FY18.

    ASD programs going well too.

    We have added clinical services for TBL students through grant money.

    IV. Clubs

    We can add clubs to the teacher contract without necessarily funding them. Increasing money for the extracurricular budget happens during the budget process. In the meantime, the building administration can make decisions about which clubs to fund given the money they have.

    V. Next Meeting

    September 26 at 5:30

    Agenda: Approve Meeting Minutes (1/5/16 3/15/16 & 9/6/16), Review Capital Requests, Discuss Prioritization Process, Future Meeting (Agenda – Approve Meeting Minutes (9/26/16), 1:1 Initiative Funding, Athletic Budget,…)