• SC Budget Subcommittee Minutes 11/15/2016

    Budget Subcommittee

    November 15, 2016

    In attendance: Tim Farmer, Jahmal Mosley, John Marcus, Sue Owen, Laura Salomons, Jon Hitter, and Emily Smith-Lee. Guest: Amy Steinberg

    I. Meetings Minutes for 10/25/16 were approved(Hitter/Smith-Lee). 3-0.

    II. Early Childhood Fees

    Amy Steinberg is proposing a 5% increase in these fees for FY’18 to cover increased costs. There was a deficit in this program in FY’16. There is currently a deficit, and it is expected that there will be a deficit in FY’18. There has only been one 10% increase in tuition between FY’11 and FY’16. About 35 students’ families pay tuition. Even with the increase, our tuition is less than other Sharon preschools. We currently have a waiting list for our program. Amy would like to be able to add a classroom and is thinking about how to turn a multi-purpose room into a small classroom. To do this would cost about $10,000 in capital outlay funds.

    III. FY18 budget

    The current proposal for the FY’18 budget is $42.5M or an approximately $1.2 M/2.9% increase over the FY’17 budget (as compared to the3.2% increase over FY’16 that was required for the FY’17 budget). 

    Increases to this budget include funding for FLES (third year implementation), LEAP (grade 6, this should be final addition for LEAP), a part-time ELL staff, miscellaneous part-time teachers, and additional out-of-district placements. In regard to LEAP, we have not been able to bring in students from other districts yet. Our ELL population continues to grow. It would be helpful for planning purposes to get data for how long it takes to move from one level of need to another. 

    These costs are somewhat offset by additional circuit breaker money and savings from supplies and materials accounts and not needing an instructional assistant in the high school. 

    If we need to further reduce the budget (to approximately a 2.66% increase over this year’s budget), because we are hoping to create a new special needs contingency fund allowed by state law the administration proposes eliminating the sped contingency in the budget for an additional savings of $84,000.

    We will need to revisit the proposed budget after we finalize the STA contract and we get a sense of what the Capital Outlay Committee will fund in regard to the 1:1 initiative, though the administration isn’t intending on funding 1:1 with operational money. The Tech Forward Committee is coming up with different options for moving this program forward, including more of a BYOD model and using less expensive devices other than Apple products.  

    Emily wants to vote FLES/LEAP via IGA before considering FY’18 funding for those programs.