• SC Minutes 12/07/2016



    School Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, December 7, 2016

    Sharon Middle School

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067

    Present: Marcy Kaplan, Laura Salomons, Emily Smith-Lee, Veronica Wiseman

    Absent: Katie Currul-Dykeman, Jon Hitter

    Also present for Open Session:  Tim Farmer, Jahmal Mosley, John Marcus, Walter “Joe” Roach, SHS student representative, and members of the community

    Open Session was called to order at 7:03 p.m.


    Open Forum

    A parent expressed her opinion re: time constraints placed on the teacher at the elementary level as a result of the FLES Program.


    The following correspondence was received:

    1) Letter from community member re: status of the program Experiencing Differences in the SPS.

    2) Letter from parent re: impact of FLES program on the teaching day at the elementary schools (the same parent was present for Open Forum)

    E. Smith-Lee explained that due to confidentiality issues, letters sent to the S.C. in support of a particular candidate for superintendent couldn’t be read into the minutes as correspondence.

    SHS Student Representative

    Recent happenings at SHS:

    1) PTO sponsored a successful breakfast for staff today

    2) Tonight at SHS a program for parents re: substance abuse prevention

    3) Tonight at SHS a documentary entitled “Sell Your Soul” re: use of digital materials and its effects

    4) Students will see the documentary Friday during Eagle Block


    Consent Agenda:

    1. Approve Out-of-Country SHS Trip to Belize (July 8-15, 2017)

    2. Approve Fees for 2017-2018

    3. Approve Heights PTO Grant for Artist-in-Residence Project ($2,500)

    Separate vote:

    Approve Sharon Teachers’ Association Contract for 2016-2019

    Prior to the vote, T. Farmer presented an overview of the areas agreed upon in the STA contract. Earlier today, the STA membership overwhelmingly voted to approve the contract.

    Areas covered in the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) included:

    • Term of new contract (3 years)

    • Teaching hours and teaching load

    • Teacher assignments

    • Vacancies

    • Summer curriculum development

    • Protection

    • Joint Labor Management Committee

    • Sharon resident teacher attendance

    • Children of teachers that do not reside in Sharon Public Schools

    Salary adjustments for the 3-year contract would be 2%, 1% for the first 91 days and 1% for the next 91 days and 2% - a 5½% increase over 3 yrs. This increase is in addition to the step and lane increases.

    • All of the side letters of agreement will be incorporated into the new contract

    MOTION: (Wiseman/Salomons) Moved to approve the three-year contract between the School Committee and the Sharon Teachers’ Association as presented at the Dec. 7th meeting. Yes vote: Kaplan, Salomons, Smith-Lee, Wiseman. Selectmen Joe Roach, as an agent of the Town of Sharon, signed the contract following the S.C. vote.


    School Committee Composition

    V. Wiseman updated the Committee on her meetings with the Town Clerk regarding the process to be followed for requesting a change to the number of members to a board and/or committee. Seven is the most common number for board/committee composition.

    As it was the consensus of the members present, V. Wiseman will request to meet with the Board of Selectmen regarding an article for a future Town Meeting. Following a brief discussion of the full Committee, a vote to proceed with the article will be a separate vote on the Dec. 21st consent agenda.

    Second Reading: Policy INJDC Employee Use of Social Media and Policy JICJB Student Use of Social Media

    J. Marcus presented the revised version of the above policies. The presentation at this evening’s meeting is a follow-up to the Nov. 30th discussion. The language changes in the policies are a result of the Committee’s discussion. The policies will be presented as a separate vote (following a brief discussion of the full Committee) at the Dec. 21st meeting.


    • Next budget subcommittee meeting is scheduled for Dec. 14th

    • Next Capital Outlay meeting is scheduled for Dec. 8th

    • Priorities Meeting was scheduled for Dec. 15th but has since been cancelled


    With the aid of PowerPoint, T. Farmer updated the Committee on the following:

    • Dec. 8th – Sharin’ Innovation Day – workshops offered by teachers for teachers

    • STA has approved of Calendar Option A for the 2017-2018 school year. The approved calendar will be placed on the school department’s website.

    • CHARMS Update – Amended Agreement will be coming before the Committee for a vote on Dec. 21st.  Financial audit for 2016 has been completed.

    • The White Paper created by the Homework Task Force will be distributed to staff later this week. A link to the document will be sent to parents/guardians. Next Task Force meeting is scheduled for January 30th.

    • PD meeting with administrative team with Teachers21 is scheduled for Dec. 12th.

    Other Business

    There being no other business, M. Kaplan asked for a motion to adjourn Open Session.

    MOTION: (Wiseman/Smith-Lee) Moved to adjourn Open Session. Yes vote: Kaplan, Salomons, Smith-LeeWiseman

    Open Session was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

    Submitted on behalf of the School Committee by: Helen Campanario, Recording Secretary to the School Committee

    Back-up Materials for the December 7, 2016 meeting

    • copies of correspondence

    • copies of consent agenda materials

    • copy of draft policies INJDC and JICJB

    • copy of Supt. Items