• SC Minutes 01/04/2017



    School Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, January 4, 2017

    Sharon Middle School

    75 Mountain Street

    Sharon, MA 02067

    Present: Katie Currul-Dykeman, Jon Hitter, Marcy Kaplan, Laura Salomons, Emily Smith-Lee, Veronica Wiseman

    Also present for Open Session: Tim Farmer, Jahmal Mosley, John Marcus, NESDEC representatives, Arthur Bettencourt, Sally Dias and members of the community

    Open Session was called to order at 7:04 p.m.


    Open Forum

    There were no community members present for participation in Open Forum. Due to the fact that this is an added meeting to the S.C. calendar, there will be an additional Open Forum at the January 11th meeting.


    The following correspondence was received:

    1) Letter from community member re: kindergarten fees. T. Farmer responded to the inquiry. Kindergarten fees will be a discussion agenda item at the January 11th meeting.

    SHS Student Representative

    There were no SHS student representatives present at this evening’s meeting.


    Consent Agenda:

    1. Approve Executive & Open Session Minutes (Dec. 21, 2016) – will be held over for a vote until the January 11th meeting.


    NESDEC Orientation to School Committee re: Superintendent Search Process and Finalists’ Interviews

    Prior to the discussion with NESDEC consultants, Dr. Bettencourt and Dr. Dias, M. Kaplan presented a comprehensive overview on the search process to date. The screening committee reviewed over 30 applications and has put forward for S.C. consideration the following finalists: Victoria L. Greer, Assistant Superintendent of the Cambridge Public Schools; Laurie A. Hunter, Assistant Superintendent of the Duxbury Public Schools; Patricia Kinsella, Assistant Superintendent of the Lincoln Public Schools. The goal is to enter into contract negotiations with the selected finalist by the end of January. Interview of the candidates will be conducted in Open Session.

    Interview Dates: January 12, January 17 and January 19

    Dr. Bettencourt and Dr. Dias outlined for the S.C. the next steps:

    • Goal is to have S.C. vote approval to enter into negotiations with the finalist at the January 25th meeting

    • Complete negotiations with the incoming Superintendent by early February

    • Deliberations will be conducted in Open Session.

    • Members reviewed the evaluation form and recommended language clarification.

    • Following approval of the daily itinerary, NESDEC will send the final itinerary to the three finalists.

    • NESDEC and the School Committee will conduct reference checks. School Committee members will be provided information on the completed reference check, mindful however of not violating the Open Meeting Law. M. Kaplan and L. Salomons will conduct the reference check on behalf of the School Committee. Members will be provided with a summary of the reference checks.

    • Sharon Cable TV will broadcast the interviews when all three finalists have been interviewed (after January 19th).

    • At the conclusion of the final interview on January 19th, the School Committee will enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing negotiations.

    • Due to the time constraints, site visits may not be possible.

    • School Committee can determine the questions that will be asked of the finalists.

    • Finalists will visit all 5 schools.

    • Members were asked to forward 3-5 questions to M. Kaplan to ensure that all areas of concern are covered.

    • Questions by S.C. 1-1 ½ hrs. - questions from members of the audience – ½ hr.

    • Members should refrain from laptop use during the question portion of the interview.


    • Priorities meeting is scheduled for January 5th

    • Policy subcommittee met on January 3rd – discussed Policies F and social media policies


    With the aid of PowerPoint, T. Farmer updated the members on the following:

    • Information has been added to the front page of the website re: Records Access Officer (H. Campanario)

    • Heights Elementary School has been invited to apply to become a Blue Ribbon School

    • Capital Outlay Tour – January 7th

    • SHS had an incident with a faulty sprinkler system today that caused some classroom flooding

    Other Business

    There being no other business, M. Kaplan asked for a motion to adjourn Open Session.

    MOTION: (Smith-Lee/Salomons) Moved to adjourn Open Session.

    Open Session was adjourned at 9:39 p.m.

    Submitted on behalf of the School Committee by: Helen Campanario, Recording Secretary to the School Committee

    Back-up Materials for the December January 4, 2017 meeting

    • copies of correspondence

    • copies of consent agenda materials

    • copy of NESDEC documents

    • copy of Supt. Items PowerPoint