File: IHAMA


    As required by state and federal law, the Sharon Public Schools shall provide developmentally-appropriate drug, alcohol, and tobacco education and prevention programs in grades K-12.

    The curriculum, instructional materials, and outcomes used in this program shall be recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the School Committee.

    The overarching goal of these programs shall be to develop in each student the ability to make intelligent, healthy, fact-based choices about drugs, alcohol or tobacco, and to develop the courage to stand by his/her own convictions. Such programs shall address the legal, social and health consequences of drug, alcohol and tobacco use or abuse. They shall include special instruction about the effects of these substances on the human body, and the emotional, psychological and social dangers of their use or abuse. Emphasis will be placed on substance abuse prevention and educating students of the dangers of substance abuse. A survey tool will be implemented to identify students at risk for addiction and overdose, and intervention plans and treatment opportunities will be readily available. 

    This policy shall be posted on the district's website and notice shall be provided to all students and parents in accordance with state law. Additionally, the district shall file a copy of this policy with DESE in accordance with law in a manner requested by DESE.

    Legal Ref.:M.G.L. 71:1, 71.96; Maintenance; Double Sessions; Subjects; Twelve Month School Year; Chapter 52 Acts of 2016

    Revised:October 26, 2016